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Plan of Archaim city ruins

Archaim history
or why is our organization carries this name

Every race has its own cultured inheritance, at the base of which is the sacred knowledge of the ancestors that reveals the higher purpose and the true nature of happy existence in this big world. Civilizations of the past had access to this information and passed it on with dedication from generation to generation, in both written and oral form.
The cultural inheritance that we hold within us, on the subconscious level, is built on the traditions that hold their roots in the distant past. Sometimes these roots go back so far, that the great insights become distorted with time, or disappear all together. When this happens, humanity has to go through the path of learning its lessons yet again, often making the same mistakes as the previous civilizations.

Every once in a while from the depth of the centuries we receive messages that open for us the new pages of the Genesis and allow to raise the curtain above the uncharted mysteries of the past. The worth of these gifts is obvious and undeniable, because when building our lives the past is the main fundament that we lean on.

In the summer of 1987, exactly 20 years ago, in Russia, the archeologist discovered an ancient city ruins, they called "Archaim". Approximate age of the site is said to be 3800-3600 years old. Initially the age of the city was estimated around the middle of the two thousand BC, but at this time the experts agree that the age of the site is no less then five thousand years old… This means that Archaim is the same age, or even older then the Egyptian Pyramids.

The name Archaim comes from the spine of mountains near the discovery site, called Archaim. In the last century the old Kazachi's maps showed the whole valley, where the ruin city is, by the name of Archaim, which in translation means "The twin of the sky". Amazingly, Archaim's shape is the exact replica of the zodiac – it looks like an enormous horoscope built on Earth.

Archaim is the brightest example of synchronicity of the cavemen, harmony and unity of many different beginnings. Its simultaneously a city-castle and a city-metal shop, it's a city-temple and an observatory, where very complex astronomical calculations were being made.
The area covers about 20 thousand square meters and the main plan consisted of two protective circular walls, the rings of the Archaim homes were divided into sectors by radial walls resembling spokes of a wheel. Two streets are bent around the main Square that was build in the shape of a square. This plan is very similar to the principle of a Mandala – one of the most sacred symbols of the Buddhist philosophies.

It is not a coincidence that the name of our Foundation is Archaim. We feel that Archaim is not necessarily a particular place or time, it's a principle that allows people to connect with their source and become aware of their higher purpose. Through studies of all the ancient knowledge available, we notice that at the base of any existing culture are the same truths that help us to tap into the solutions to the problems of today. Integration of this knowledge with the realities of modern life allows us to create new methods that help our Humanity to take a step to a higher quality level in our quest towards evolutionary development.

In the soul of each person there is their own Archaim, their own "Little Heaven", our organization has been created to help people discover it and to become spiritual archeologists of their own life.

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