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Founded in 1999, Archaim Foundation is a non-profit, educational and research organization dedicated to Revival of Spiritual Legacy. We are offering exceptional holistic health and education services such as private one-on-one healing sessions with highly skilled holistic and medical practitioners, group workshops, retreats, professional training, seminars and conferences.

In our search we aspire to constitute unique modern healing programs which would integrate the ancient healing techniques and the contemporary alternative medical approach which as a result would be suitable for today's modern society. Some of Archaim's major goals are the revival of the lost cultural inheritance as well as to detect and report the effects of the alternative intervention.

We are dedicated to systematic evaluation of alternative treatments, available to the New York residents, providing research that will discover the scientific data available to demonstrate convincingly what combinations of particular treatments lead to positive outcome ( e.g., prolongs or improves quality of life, reduces or eliminates adverse symptoms).

Using ways and ideas of many cultures in simple but powerful ways, our employees and visitors will be able to achieve freedom from physical and mental pain and suffering, as well as more balance in the daily life.

Any help with web design, investment or program participation will be considered. Please contact us via e-mail contact@archaim.org.

Privacy Policy
The Archaim Foundation does not discriminate in any way on the basis of race, color, age, gender, national origin, religion, sexual orientation or disability and is committed to protecting your privacy. We will not sell or disclose any customer information to a third party.

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